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Broadband internet

The Dummer telephone exchange is on the A30 at the junction with Maidenthorn Lane. The exchange serves Dummer, North Waltham, Popham, Kempshott Park and the Local Centre and most houses in Beggarwood. The majority of subscribers in Dummer and North Waltham receive acceptable broadband service but in Kempshott Park and Beggarwood, which are several miles from the exchange, broadband speeds are limited.

Areas in the centre of Basingstoke are on the BT fibre optic network roll out plan. At present the Dummer exchange is not included in that plan. Between October and 31 December 2010 one third of subscribers on the Dummer exchange voted to be included by voting on the Race to Infinity. Unfortunately this was well short of the required 75%. Groups in the area continue to campaign for connection to the fibre optic network.

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